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Just like you would tour a potential home purchase with a fine-toothed comb, we advise you to tour the Rentalsrental market with equal scrutiny. Because we also deal in depth with the rental market, we have put together this useful list of some checklist items to go through when considering a rental property.

Please note, while we realize some of items may appear a bit unorthodox, we think they’re useful, nonetheless.

  • Check the level of cell reception.
  • Inspect the below-oven drawer and additional kitchen drawers.
  • Check to see how long hot water takes to get warm.
  • If you’re looking in a multiple-unit building, request a tour of the exact apartment you’re considering, not a model.
  • If you don’t have a designated parking spot, drive through the complex on evenings and during weekends, when many people are parked and home. Become aware of how difficult gaining a spot may be.
  • Drive around the neighborhood during peak/rush hours
  • Pay close attention to neighborhood surroundings – what amenities are within walking distance.
  • Take copious photos of an preexisting damage so landlord can’t blame you for it.
  • Be completely knowledgeable of all terms of the lease and what utilities you’re responsible for.
  • Make sure if Internet or WiFi isn’t already installed, that it easily can be.
  • Google your (potential) new landlord.
  • Research crime stats of the area.
  • Flush the toilets.
  • Ask who you would contact for any maintenance issues.
  • Ask about the policies concerning pets, smoking, visitors and noise on the property.
  • If you have to break the lease, find out about financial (and other) consequences.
  • Just like home buying, try touring as many properties within your budget in the same area as possible.

If ¬†you need assistance listing or finding the perfect rental that’s right for you, you know to call us here at American Dream Realty.

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