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Hi everyone. We are beginning a new series of Frequently Asked Questions that we, here at American Dream Realty, receive regarding FAQsour services current and potential clients alike.

This week, we are focusing on the points Sellers need to know as they start the listing process with us.

Q: What information will you need to know when you list a property with American Dream Realty?


  • What is the motivation or need for selling?
  • What is the time frame and expectation from sale?
  • How is the property deeded?
  • Is there a mortgage on the property and, if so, how much is owed?
  • Are there any other liens against the property?
  • Are mortgage payments, taxes, and utilities current?
  • Can seller provide a Property Condition Disclosure Statement?

If you are not in the know of all of the necessary information, our brokers and agents will work with to attain what is needed.

Please check in next week for our next FAQ edition!


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