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Oh what a jolly time of year it is, American Dream Realty of South Jersey fans!  With Christmas being less than one week away, we are sure that you are just about ready for the big man to come down that chimney.  However, there is still just enough time to get a revised list into good ‘ol St. Nick, and you may want to include real estate on it.  Read on to find out why!

While it isn’t something that you can play with or use in the kitchen, the time is prime right now to upgrade, downsize, or add a rental property/second home—especially if you have been on the fence for a bit.  The odds are definitely being stacked in your favor for seeking out or closing in on the deal.

‘Tis the Season: Indeed, it is the perfect season for securing the closing on a new home.  But, why does the busiest time of year make for a great time to look for a home?  Well, that’s just it—it’s busy.  Sellers who have their homes up on the market want to close the sale as soon as they can, so they do not have to worry about it in between scurrying around for last-minute gifts or drafting their New Year’s resolutions.  If you have an offer for them, they are more likely to take it now as opposed to a warmer month, where they have more time and more people interested.

Padding Numbers: Just like sellers, mortgage brokers and agents are looking to close on deals before the year ends so that they can increase their yearly numbers.  Many brokers receive some form of commission, so another secured mortgage means some more holiday money coming their way.  That being said, some agencies and brokers may be inclined to give you a really sweet deal just so you will sign—making it a win-win on both ends.

Mortgage Rates: We can’t talk about mortgage brokers and agencies without talking about the loans themselves!  While they may be eager to get you to sign, you should not sign your name without knowing what you are about to get into.  Luckily enough, interest rates are among the lowest we’ve seen in the past month (and since last Christmas) making it a great financial decision to buy.

In short, you are looking pretty good for the next few weeks to give yourself that present you’ve been thinking about for a while.  When it is time to pull the trigger, know that the dedicated agents at American Dream Realty are here to cover your back every step of the way!

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