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black-friday-real-estateThere is no doubt that Black Friday is one of the most profitable days of the year, both for sellers and buyers. While the department stores have their day, when is it Black Friday for the real estate market? You may be surprised to find out that it is all holiday season long! Join us today as we give you some tips on how to score a Black Friday deal on a new home!

Looking for a home during the holiday season may a little hard, as people are settling in rather than looking to get out (and therefore less likely to sell), but this also means that less people are looking for a home as well. Therefore, with less people looking to enter the buying market, you have a much better position when it comes to negotiations, since the supply of other buyers is low. With this being said, many sellers will try to cut their prices as much as they can in order to sell off their property to you, earning you a stellar deal on a home. As an informed buyer, you can use all of this to your advantage to secure a home right before the holidays.

However, the sales do not stop when the holidays do. In the next coming months—January, February, and March—you can expect the same situation when looking for a home, as the cold weather will do wonders to keep other buyers away. So long as you can stand the cold, you’ll be able to steal a great deal on the house of your dreams.

It must be noted that with the cold, there is more of a chance that some defects may be covered up by the weather. For example, no one wants to test the air conditioning when it is just below freezing outside, or snow on the ground may obscure some things that you would notice otherwise. This is why it is extremely important to hire a home inspector, as they can drastically reduce the amount of surprises you will find in your home once you settle in. In addition, these guys will do their best to make sure the house is in good condition before you commit (or give you greater bargaining power), which is oh-so important in these colder months.

While it may be the time to buy, having a great real estate agent by your side will greatly improve your search efforts, and help you become even closer to moving into the house of your dreams. Give us a call today or come on in to our office to see how we can help you find your new home during the holiday season!

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