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home inspectionsYou did it! You’ve finally closed on your new house, and are moving in shortly! While this is an extremely exciting (and possibly stressful) time for you, there are a few things that every home is not quite complete without. Whether this is your first home or eleventh, the American Dream Team has come up with a short list of what every homeowner should have shortly after move-in day:

Homeowner’s insurance. This almost goes without saying, but homeowner’s insurance is one of the most important things you can have. Forbid there be any type of disaster, the last thing you want to worry about is how you are paying for repairs on your home. Homeowner’s insurance is a worthwhile investment, don’t overlook it. (Note: If you have a mortgage, homeowners insurance is most likely required)

A secret key. Yes, how cliché, but as the age-old saying goes, “better to have and not need, than to need and not have”. You can hide it anywhere: under the door mat, underneath a rock on your pathway, or in one of those magnetic key hiders they now sell in stores.

A decent set of tools. This one also follows the old saying above. A good set of tools can save a trip to the hardware store or maybe even a call to the handyman. The tools don’t have to be extensive; a set of screwdrivers and a hammer or two will do.

A “ditch bag”. These bags should be filled with emergency supplies, and placed in an accessible area in case of an emergency. The bags can be filled with anything you deem necessary, but we recommend at least a radio, a flashlight, batteries, a first-aid kit, a few blankets, and some non-perishable food.

A creative mind. It is said that the home is nothing more than a canvas, and what better to make on that canvas than your own personal impression. With the right mindset and willpower, you can make your home into anything you want it to be. After all, it’s yours.

That’s it—that’s our top-5 list of what every homeowner should have. A new home is a milestone in life, and there’s nothing better than being able to make that home the best it can be, with American Dream Realty of South Jersey behind you every step of the way.

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