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holiday-curb-appealIt is the most wonderful time of the year in South Jersey, and homes in many neighborhoods are embracing the festive spirit with decorations galore. If you are looking to put your home on the market or are waiting for that buyer to come through the door, you may be wondering what is the most effective way to decorate. Today, we answer that question and more as we give you some tips on holiday curb appeal!

To find the best method for decorating for the holidays, we encourage you to use the Goldilocks rule: just the right amount. While too many decorations can deter buyers from stopping by, setting up the right amount can reel them in, as if you are casting a wintery, holiday spell upon them.

To cast your spell, no magic is needed, but only some simple additions to your home. For your front door and porch, we highly recommend placing a wreath on your door, and wrapping some garland around the door frame. Red or wood-stained doors will add to this effect, and thus you may consider giving your exterior a simple facelift. One of the first things that a potential buyer notices is the front door and porch, so use that to your advantage to decorate the area. Simple holiday decorations, such as lanterns you can pick up at the local craft store, can immensely add to the curb appeal your house has.

In addition, you can use this time of year to really highlight your landscape and architectural features through the use of lights. Steer clear of the Clark Griswold light show, and instead place some small, simple, neutral-colored lights on the edges of the roof, and if you have any nice architectural points, such as a cathedral ceiling, be sure use the lights to highlight it. The days are much shorter this time of year, and lights can help potential buyers see what your home has to offer, even if they cannot see it in the daylight. Not only that, but you can also use lights around your yard to highlight the landscape. Do you have a nice tree, collection of shrubs, or a flower bed in the front yard? Place some lights on them to make them pop, and really show the buyers what you have to offer.

However, we would like to stress the point of keeping your house decorated in a neutral tone. Perhaps steer clear of that giant inflatable Santa, and instead opt for some white lights. A simple evergreen wreath will do so much more for your curb appeal than one decked out with red and green flashing lights. Keep this in mind as your plan to decorate for the holidays.

And as always, feel free to stop into our office anytime for more advice on selling a home during this season. The holidays can be hectic, but with an American Dream Realty of South Jersey agent by your side, you can cut the stress down to size.

Come on in today to see how we can help!

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