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While it may be the most wonderful time of the year to visit and spend time with family and friends, it can keeping-home-safealso be the most vulnerable time for home safety as potential culprits are primed to take advantage of the days and hours you may be spending away from your home – especially if it’s filled with newly-purchased presents.

Because we want your property to remain incident-free, we have put together some tips for you to employ so that your home (and your belongings) remains safe and secure while you may be gone.

American Dream Realty Safe & Secure Holiday Travel Tips:

  1. Never, ever (ever, ever) post your holiday travel plans and/or itinerary on social media. If you do this, you are giving those culprits an easy invite to break into your property. Wait to post photos AFTER you have arrived back home.
  2. Let a (or a few) trusted neighbors that you will be traveling and ask them to keep a watch out over your property. Extra eyes and alertness on your home is important, and also provide them with a key in case of an emergency situation.
  3. Turn your heat down, but keep it turned up just enough to prevent your pipes from freezing. While you don’t want to waste energy while you’re away, frozen pipes are a much larger headache to come home to.
  4. Attach a timer to a light and keep it on. If you just keep one light on the entire time you’re away, culprits will become attuned to this and realize you’re not home. If possible, leave both an indoor and outdoor light on with a timer.
  5. Consider hiring a homesitter. If your holiday plans include an extended time away from home, perhaps consider hiring to stay at your property full-time until you return. This will alleviate having to worry about timers, heat and frozen pipes.

Stay safe this holiday season! All of us at American Dream Realty of South Jersey wish you and yours a happy holiday!


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