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real-estate-appSmartphones have evolved tremendously ever since the first iPhone, or the first cell phone for that matter. Recently, you’ve probably heard of Apple’s new operating system release, iOS9, which boasts new features such as 3D touch, improved battery performance, and an overhaul of all the basic applications.

With that being said, we’ve decided to take some time to explore the real estate application of your phone, by giving you some of the best real estate apps for your smartphone (iPhone and Android!) that we feel are the best of their kind.

ADR Online Office Listings

While not an app, per se, our American Dream office listings are updated constantly with hundreds of new homes for you to browse through. The best part is you don’t even need to download an app! Just grab your smart phone, and under “Search” on our website, just click “Office Listings” and boom. If you know a more condensed area or location in which you’re targeting, this is a great place to start your house hunting.

Real Estate by Zillow or

Real Estate by Zillow and are both known as a multiple listing services (MLSs) that uses your phone’s GPS to find houses around you that are up for sale. They’re free, and available on both Apple and Android devices. This is a great app if you know where you want to move (*cough cough Salem County*), so you can check the listings available without having to leave your home!


RECalc is a real estate calculator that can do a variety of functions, such as calculate your monthly mortgage payment, annual property tax, and even your down payment on your home. Not only that, but it can also do compounding rates, which can save you from many needless computations. RECalc is available on both Apple and Android devices for $0.99!

Home Tracker

Home Tracker allows you to record each property you visit in extreme detail, so if you’re visiting several properties throughout the day, this app is crucial for you! It tracks the size, price, condition, area, appeal, and any custom notes you have about the property. Home Tracker is available on both Apple and Android for $0.99!
Those are our top three apps for your smartphone that can really help you in the home-buying process. However, no app can even come close to the wealth of information you can get from sitting down with one of our many experienced realtors. While real estate apps may be good, they’ll never be better than our agents here at American Dream Realty of South Jersey.

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