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sizzle like summerWhen it comes to house hunting, location does sit close to, if not at the top of the list for prime homebuyers. However, there are other factors to also consider when it comes to gauging how quickly (or not) your home may sell.

According to recent research, our American Dream Team put together a few points to be mindful of when seeking to sell your home (and fast):

  • Price it to sell. Pay attention not to overprice your home. Our American Dream agents can assist you with a figure per the comparables and the current market. Pricing your home too high – no matter how “fabulous” you think it is – will leave your listing to linger.
  • A picture says a thousand words. You need to find a sweet spot for the number of images which should be posted with your listing. Having too few doesn’t give potential buyers a true representation of your home while too many will overwhelm them. On average, 15 photos of your listing should serve well enough.
  • Promote the listing, here, there and everywhere. Get the word out that your home is for sale through social media channels. Between you and your agent, posting it online will get more exposure than if the agent were to post it themselves. Exposure is instantaneous these days. Use it to your advantage.

When it comes to the decision of choosing one home over another with other things being equal, give your listing an advantage by employing these tips.

Our American Dream Team is always ready to assist you.



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