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By nature of our geography in the southern portion of New Jersey, farmland and farming is ingrained in our culture land-for-saleand livelihoods. Because of this, we have and continue to represent farmers and their land throughout the real estate process. We know that listing land of any type – and especially farmland – can prove to be challenging.

Because of this, and our experience here at American Dream Realty listing and selling farmland, we put together what we believe are useful tips to get your land in tip-top shape for the market:

  • Keep any and all grass in food plots, pastures and the yard cut and trimmed to ensure they’re presentable
  • Clean up and trim trees and shrubs around any structures – including the house and barn
  • If you have a long driveway or gravel/dirt road leading into your property, cut any limbs to present an unobstructed view of your land
  • Clean and trim any interior and exterior fence lines to keep them looking sharp
  • All farm equipment should be stowed neatly. Keep any equipment from being distracting to the view of your barn.
  • If your property contains any streams, creeks or ponds, try to make sure the area of them is as presentable as possible
  • Do not neglect the inside of your home or barn. Make sure that they’re neat and orderly and any noticeable repairs are made prior to showings. Pat strict attention in and around entrance ways
  • Try to incorporate new plantings into fresh ground or large areas of open dirt for more eye appeal

These tips should help your land and property to be more marketable. Call us if you’re ready to list your farmland-we have the experience, knowledge and resources to help you get it sold.



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