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If you are looking for open space, you’ll find it here in Salem County, New Jersey! As our brokers and agents at American Dream the majetic salem oak largeRealty of South Jersey know all too well, open space is becoming a rare commodity in New Jersey, Salem County continues to have it in spades. However, don’t count out this historical hotbed for industry and innovation. While nearly 50-percent is cultivated farmland, Salem’s County’s developers are always surveying its corridors for new business opportunity and expansion.

Considering Salem County to relocate yourself, your family, or perhaps invest in commercial property? Salem County is steeped in tradition and history. Here are some pretty cool facts (we think) about this place we call home.

Did know you that Salem County got its name from the Hebrew word Shalom, which means Peace?

Did you know that Salem County is the site of the very first permanent English-speaking settlement on the Delaware River, dating way back to 1675?

Did you know that the Salem Oak, said to be the most famous tree in the state of New Jersey (at more than 500 years old), is said to be were Religious Society of Friends member John Fenwick, treatied the Lenni-Lenape tribe for the land that is now Salem County? The tree still stands as a historic landmark in the City of Salem.

In addition to its rich history, Salem County is one of New Jersey’s environmental gems, where opportunities for outdoor recreation abound! If you find your fun on the water, Salem County has something for you.

According to the Salem County Department of Tourism and Public Information, the area is home to six rivers, some 40 lakes, ponds and beaches, a staggering 34,000 acres of meadows and marshland, massive acreage of woodlands and very important headwaters.

Salem County, New Jersey, encompasses 15 distinct municipalties, with amenities and opportunities for everyone.

Open space, history, tradition, recreation, opportunity – you’ll find it all here in Salem County. Check out our most recent listings by clicking here.

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