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save_for_homeJust like with televisions and cars, there are times throughout the year when you can save the most on houses. The time after major holidays and during the spring and summer provide opportune times to be looking at homes, but one commonly unnoticed best time of year is right after school starts.

Out of the many attractions to buying a home right after school beings, less competition definitely works in your favor. Most families want to move before school starts, as to let their child start fresh in the new year, and not to jump in midway. With that being said, you can expect the number of families who are actively looking for a home to drastically decrease in these coming months, which raises your chances of scoring the house of your dreams. Simple microeconomics tells us that with less buyer available, sellers will have to bend a bit to reach an agreeable price, which is great news for you!

In addition to this, these next few months work to your favor when concerning house that have been listed on the market in the late summer. With less families out looking for a home, there is a higher probability that these homes have been sitting still on the wires for a while, which gives you much more bargaining power at the negotiation table. The longer a house sits, the better off the buyer will be in scoring a lower price.

Not only that, but this season also allows for more flexibility on terms, such as closing costs, a closing timeline, and repairs. Usually, the sellers can dictate this, because they can easily turn to another buyer if one particular one does not agree to terms. Again, the slower selling season allows the tables to be turned, and give the buyer the upper hand in negotiating.

Going back to the topic of time, the slower season also gives you a time advantage. You can feel free to peruse as many houses you want, in a time frame that works best for you, without a huge worry about another buyer swooping in and pulling the carpet out from under you. If you are thinking about buying a home this season, we highly encourage you to take your time, and work at the pace that is best for you. Don’t rush things if you don’t have to.

By having a steady hand, some patience, and an experienced real estate agent by your side, you can easily navigate this optimal season for buyers, and quite possibly walk away with the home of your dreams. While we cannot give you the first two attributes, we can definitely assure you that when you have an experienced American Dream Realty agent by your side, you are in great shape to navigate the choppy waters of homebuying.

Come on in today, and we can enroll you in Homebuying 101, complete with your own personal tutor.

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