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There are so many factors which go into a successful sale of a home. Some which may appear obvious and showing pet peevesothers which may not. Today, in 2015, there is a lot of competition out there just for landing showings – let alone offers. Numerous online marketing strategies and information that is available at literally the touch of a button.

Our brokers and agents at American Dream Realty want to enable our listing clients to have the best chance out there to land an offer on their home when the potential buyer is touring their property. Therefore, we have put together these top-5 buyer “peeves” when they come through your home during a showing:

  • Pet paraphernalia: While potential buyers are touring your home, the absolute last thing they want to see (or trip over) are dirty cat litter boxes or dog food bowls. If they’re allergic to pets (even though the pet isn’t present), they may be resistant to going any further. Keep your pets’ belongings out of sight.
  • Baby gear and toys: Buyers can be somewhat forgiving in knowing you may have a newborn or other children while trying to sell your home (especially if they have a few kids themselves). But we encourage you to make an effort anyway. Kept toys stored neatly and make sure there is no sign of any dirty baby bottles on any countertops. Potential buyers could view this as unsanitary.
  • Dirty dishes: You may argue that the dishes won’t be staying, but dirty dishes in the sink or on the kitchen counter will just skew the potential buyers’ view of how pristine their new home could be. Remember, the majority of homeowners spend most of their time in the kitchen and, as such, this should be your showcase room. Clean. Sanitize. Repeat. Daily.
  • Personal items in the bathrooms: Put away any and all toothpaste, hair products, lotion containers. While potential buyers obviously know someone else lived in the space before them, the last thing they want to be reminded of is a “used” bathroom.
  • The toilets: Make sure toilet seat is down at all time (no exceptions) and the toilet is clean. No other explanation is necessary here.

While we realize not everyone has issues with these areas, but for those who do who currently have their home on the market, it could mean the difference between an offer…and not.



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