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salem countySo, you’re thinking about moving to Salem County, eh? Being based in Salem County, we know the area in like the back of our hand. With so much history, activities, and art in Salem, we wanted to take the time to share with you our reasons for living in Salem County—and after reading, we’re pretty sure that you’ll want to make the move too.

Salem County was founded in 1694, and is home to the historic Salem County Courthouse that was built in 1735 (it is still used today and is the second-oldest operating courthouse in the United States). It was on the steps of this courthouse that Colonel Robert Gibbon Johnson (according to New Jersey legend) proved that the tomato was edible in 1820, as the widespread belief before that time was that the tomato was poisonous. History thrives everywhere in Salem, from the old legends about the Revolutionary War to the still-standing Quaker architecture of the 19th Century.

Salem County’s population is around 66,000 people, according to the 2010 Census. It’s known for its beautiful landscape, as Salem is primarily a farming county, but that landscape inspires countless pieces of art like paintings, ceramics, glassware, and furniture. Not to mention, fresh fruit and vegetables are essentially always on hand from several of the county’s prosperous farms.

If you’re the more active type, then Salem County is also for you! Salem is home to five different golf courses that can accommodate to any level of skill. Not to mention, we’re situated right on the Delaware River, so any watersports are just a quick drive away.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to rodeo? Well, Salem County is home to the Cowtown Rodeo, which is the oldest running weekly rodeo show in the United States! You can either watch, or learn at one of our stables.

Looking for a bite to eat? Don’t look any further, for Salem has you covered. With restaurants using fresh produce from our farms, everything is on the menu here. From traditional Jersey diners to Delaware River waterfront restaurants, we have it all.

Salem County is a great place to be, from the history, to the activities, the beautiful landscapes (and also the food) Salem has everything to fit you. Us here at American Dream Realty of South Jersey all live in or near the area, and for a good reason. Come on in, and we’d be happy to share a little piece of Salem County with you.

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