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With the anticipated solar eclipse less than a week away, we figured that it would be a great opportunity to tell you what to expect from the homeowner’s standpoint.  So, without further adieu, find out what you need to know for the once-in-a-lifetime eclipse in our latest blog!

Length of the Eclipse

In our region of South Jersey, the eclipse will begin on Monday, August 21st, right around 1:20 in the afternoon, and we will see it end around 4:00 p.m—a whopping 2 hours and 40 minutes.   During that time, the “maximum” of the eclipse will be right around 2:45, which signals both the halfway point and the darkest point we will see.  Being that we are not in what is known as the “path of totality,” we will not see complete darkness, but vision will be impaired during this time.  Be sure to plan your day accordingly.

Loss of Power

Believe it or not, a loss of power is a real concern in some areas of New Jersey, since our state relies heavily on solar power.  If you have solar panels installed on your roof, do not be surprised if your experience a loss of power during the eclipse.  In fact, you may have already received a letter from your solar servicing company advising to reduce electricity consumption leading up to the eclipse.  Some of the experts are saying that while the length of the eclipse is too short to boost fossil fuel demand, wholesale power prices may see a jump.  It may not impact all homeowners in the region, it is still good to know going into Monday.

Enjoy It

The total solar eclipse over the continental United States is really a once-in-a-lifetime experience for both Americans and New Jerseyans alike, so enjoy it!  Go outside and see this amazing astronomical event, but just be sure to wear your solar eclipse glasses before looking at the sun.  Many public libraries have been giving them out, but if you couldn’t snag a pair, you can always order them online or make your own.  For more information on eclipse glasses, precautions, and the science behind it all, be sure to check out NASA’s website!

We hope to see you out there next Monday!

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