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In most cases, people can be fairly split regarding their opinions when it comes to pets – not all of us grew up with dogwelcomedogs or cats as part of the family, in and some cases, the existence of fur can make some humans extremely uncomfortable.

Even a fear of animals – founded or not – can put a true wrinkle in your plans to bring your property to market and sell if for what you believe it’s worth. Need or want to unload your home quickly (and you love and have pets), follow these tips from us here at American Dream Realty for a smoother process:

  • You MUST keep cat litter boxes and any puppy pads out of plain sight and keep the areas in which you regularly keep them spic-and-spin clean. The last thing you want a potential buyer to do is complain of a fowl-smelling litter box.
  • Call on the professionals to remove any pet stains in your carpet. When a potential buyer is scouring your home, a pet stain is highly unsightly if recognized.
  • Don’t use air fresheners to mask pet odor. In some cases, a potential buyer’s allergies will react negatively. Deal squashed.
  • When at all possible, remove any and all signs that you even have pets in the home. If a buyer is already pet-averse, why ruin a first impression with pet paraphernalia scattered about?
  • Make sure vacuuming becomes a daily practice. You do not want hair, hair, everyone and anywhere. A small hair ball scooting about minding its own business will unseal a deal when it comes to pet averse buyers.
  • Never, EVER leave pets behind during a showing. Pets can be protective of the home and its property and become nervous and anxious. This could result in a whole slew of negative endings. Nip that in the bud. If you’re leaving the house – bring your pets with. Period.

While some of our tips may seem a little…direct, sometimes real estate requires firm measures and pointed conversation to get your home sold at top dollar. Leave no stone unturned and no pet, behind.

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