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south jersey signIn the real estate field, we come across quite the collection of characters on a daily basis. People from all walks of life buy property in Salem and Gloucester County; they range from your average Joe, to professional athletes and movie actors! So, in case you needed any more reason to move to Salem or Gloucester County, we’ve compiled a short list of some of the famous people who have lived in, or are currently living in these counties. Who knows, maybe you can wind up being a neighbor to one of these people!

New Jersey has a dominant stance in the world of American culture, having some of the best actors, comedians, and musicians coming out of our state. While most New Jerseyans know about The Boss and Lou Costello, other major icons have come out of New Jersey, especially Gloucester and Salem county. Bruce Willis, John Forsythe, and Ritch Snyder are just a few notables to come out of Salem County, while Gloucester County takes claim to Linda Fiorentino, Grace Helbig, and Patti Smith. Not only did Bruce Willis just live in Salem County, he was also active in the community; he was the student council president at Penns Grove High School, and also held a job at the Salem Nuclear Power Plant as a security guard before his career in films took off. Currently, he still owns property in Salem County.

Not only do we have movie stars, we also have professional athletes! One of the most notables is Jimmy Rollins, an MLB shortstop who resides in Woolwich Township in Gloucester County. Furthermore, Leon Allen Goslin, another MLB player, and Lydell Mitchell, a NFL player, both come from Salem County. Now, if that wasn’t enough, Tara Lipinski, an Olympic gold medalist in figure skating, is from Mantua Township, Gloucester County. Our region takes pride in the athletes that have come from our homes, and we can assure the rest of the country that more are on the way.

From movie stars to athletes and everything in-between, our region that we service, Salem and Gloucester counties, are filled with people who have made it big; and more are on the way. Our track record is good, and it’s only going to get better.

If moving to Salem and Gloucester was not a great deal as it is, now you know you have the chance of running into Jimmy Rollins at the supermarket, or seeing Bruce Willis at the gas station. It’s just one more reason to move down to our beautiful area. Come on in, and we’ll get you started here at American Dream Realty.

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