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Memorial Day – the unofficial opening of the summer season – is six days away. June 21 – the official first day of summer selling tipssummer – is a hair over four weeks away. What does that tell us? Not only will the heat be sizzling, but so should the real estate market.

If you’re selling your home, there’s much to be educated on in order to take advantage of what is historically real estate’s busiest season.

Therefore, we wanted to share with you these tips from us here at American Dream Realty in order to get noticed during the heat and height of the market:

The June (and July) Swoon: While buyers may begin to shop around in March and April, they really get down to business post-Memorial Day. In fact, June home sale are approximately 30% above the annual average. The majority of people wish and hope to move when school’s not in session and the weather is nicer. Be ready to take advantage of the market bump.

Up your outdoor living space game: Really pay attention to decking out your deck and additional outdoor living space you may have. Pay mind to staging your BBQ area, arranging a nice outdoor table, and even include place settings. Line your property perimeter will beautiful landscaping. You want buyers to envision themselves living there — both indoors and out.

Keep the lawn green – no matter what it takes: There’s nothing worse from a curb appeal perspective than a potential driving up to your home and being “welcomed” by a brown lawn. Though dry summer days can present a huge challenge in this area, water it and tend to it properly. A green and groomed lawn is the impression you’ll always want to present first.

The AC can be your best friend: Open house or showing, make sure the air conditioning is on. You’ll want to present the inside of your home as an oasis to come out of the blazing sun and heat. On these scheduled days, you may want to set your thermostat a few degrees lower than normal to account for windows and doors being opened and closed more than normal.

Make buyers feel at home: In addition to setting a cool mood by using your AC, you may also want to prepare some lemonade, iced tea, or lemon water for buyers. This should serve to make them glad that they’re spending more time checking out your home and property. You want them to spend time and cool beverages are a quick solution.

While you may be sweating selling your home, don’t let the heat get to your head during busy season. Take these tips from us, and contact us for more, to get your place sold you you can spend the rest of the summer relaxing.



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