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halloween-decorating-tips-1As Halloween is just a few weeks away and we absolutely love driving around and viewing all of the homes done up with ghouls and goblins and pumpkins and the like, our American Dream Team thought we would provide you all with some tips to give your property that ‘just creepy enough’ feel for the holiday.

Our tastes as subtle, so here are our tips for you to inject just enough Halloween into your home in plenty of time for October 31:

Use lawn stakes to make a creepy walkway. There are many different options – hands and skeleton arms to zombies. This can be a perfect scary accent for your home!

Bring in the graveyard. There are so many different varieties out there nowadays for you to chose from. Thicker, more sturdy gravestones or lighter, less experience ones. No matter your selection, the effect will be just as scary.

Pumpkins galore. What is Halloween without a few (or a few dozen) pumpkins? Have a porch? Decorate with pumpkins! You can even pick up faux pumpkins just about anywhere that have different facial expressions – and they won’t rot or spoil.

An adorning wreath. Your front door is perhaps the most important item to make an impact on Halloween – do not leave it naked! You can dress it up with a classic wreath or something more spooky – it’s all up to your personal preference.

The element of surprise. One thing we enjoy most about Halloween is you never know when some ghastly or ghostly creature might pop out at you! Add some hidden creatures in your plants with flashing lights or other items such as coffins that could spring open at any moment. Have fun with it!

No matter how you decide you dress up your home and property we hope you have an absolutely ghoulish time doing it!

We can’t wait to see what we come across in the weeks ahead.


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