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We have been in a deep freeze lately and there’s no end in sight – at least through the weekend. If your frozen-pipehome is currently on the market under these conditions we imagine one of your concerns may be frozen pipes – especially if you no longer physically occupy the property. Because we want to keep your home listing process as worry-free as possible (and to ultimately get that offer), we have put together some preventative tips to keep your pipes from freezing:

  1. Take time to insulate your pipes: You can achieve this with snap-on foam insulation. When you apply, make sure it fits on tightly. Then, apply duct tape to the joints in the insulation.
  2. Keep faucets dripping ever so slightly in freezing temperatures. Drip both hot and cold water in kitchen and bathroom.
  3. Turn off sprinkler system: Additionally have compressed air blown through lines so any remaining water is drained.
  4. Keep cabinets open: Open cabinets doors under kitchen and bath sinks to let warm air in.
  5. Keep garage doors closed as much as possible during spells of freezing.
  6. Make sure basement doors and windows are completely closed and sealed tight with weather stripping.
  7. Shut off, disconnect and completely drain exterior and/or garden hoses.

Because burst pipes and resulting water damage can be extremely costly (up to $15,000 according to State Farm Insurance), these extra few steps can literally save you a bundle – and potentially save your home from having to come off the market while repairs are being made.



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