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Here in our neck of the woods, this coming Mother’s Day weekend is shaping up to be an absolutely beautiful one in house as giftthe greater American Dream Realty of South Jersey region. This year, 2015, will mark the 101st time we celebrate our mothers – whatever that represents to you. You may be asking at this point what this has anything to do with real estate. If you’re currently attempting to sell your property, this is a holiday in which you can brainstorm with your agent to pull of some tasteful holiday marketing on your home.

But how exactly would you cut through the array of breakfasts, brunches, dinners, flowers, etc? Here are several ways you can actually use this Mother’s Day Sunday to your advantage:

Holding an Open House – Opportunity is always out there waiting for you to grab hold of it. While there are some agencies which may believe Mother’s Day is far too slow to hold an open house, you and your agent can turn this holiday into a good opportunity to stir some excitement without a lot of competition for time. For one reason or another, not everyone actually gets a chance to celebrate. Be creative…handing out flowers to all women who stop by is an idea, or hold a raffle for those in attendance with a chance to win a gift card for mom. The sky’s the limit here.

Take to the Interwebs – Social media engagement skyrockets on holidays – especially Mother’s Day – as everyone is posting well wishes across their favorite channel – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Did you know that a recent study concluded that posts which included images generated 50% more interest than just text alone? Take a few moments to post the link to your listing on your social media accounts. You may even inject a little humor, ‘Buy the women in your life her dream home’. Ask folks to share. It can’t hurt and it only takes one interested buyer.

Remember, opportunity is at every corner if you use your imagination. Put yourself out there! And, if you will be celebrating Mother’s Day this Sunday, our American Dream Realty family wishes you a fabulous one!







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