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This seems to be the first inklings of the warm weather we are expected to get all summer long, and what a delight it is. Warm weather is simply amazing, and not for just outdoor activities—open houses seem to draw more crowds as the weather becomes nicer. With that being said, there are a few things you can do as a homeowner to make potential buyers stick around, and leave a lasting impression during this season of open houses.

One of the best things about this time of year is that the days are becoming longer and longer. This fact can be used to your advantage to incorporate more natural lighting into your home. Natural lighting gives off the impression that the room has more space, making buyers more akin to sticking around and remembering your home.

You can also use the warm weather to your advantage by embracing the outdoors to their fullest extent. It makes for the perfect opportunity to show off any gardens, pools, or outdoor living spaces that you may have. If you feel as though the time is right, opening your pool can be a huge bonus, as it shows buyers what it exactly under the cover, and doesn’t leave them wondering about what could be down there.

During the open house, try to give off vibes of spring and good feelings, and your guests will most certainly connect them to your home. For example, by throwing open the windows to get a nice breeze blowing in, in combination with some soft, relaxing music being played in the background, gives your guests the feeling of spring and being at ease. Sometimes, buyers will feel rushed when looking at a home, but by setting the mood you can make them feel more at home.

While all of this is great, there is nothing quite like giving your home decor a spring facelift. Swap out some pillow for more “springly” colored ones, like a nice yellow or a soft blue. Fresh flowers are a sign of the season, so be sure to have one arrangement to greet the guests as they file in. Every little bit can go a long way when dealing with an open house.

The weather is sure to be your friend when selling your home, but there is nothing quite like the friendliness and expertise of an American Dream Realtor by your side. With their knowledge and experience, they are sure to be just the thing you need to get your home on, and off, the market.

Come on in today to see what we can do for you!

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