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purgingYou’re in a position where you’re considering listing your home for sale (hopefully, with American Dream Realty), however, before you list the property, we encourage you to take a look at a few items that you may want to purge before listing, selling and settling into your new home. Why? Because you’ll literally feel lighter and more free – and, because these items won’t then take up as much space in the moving truck.

Here are the items our Dream Team suggest you purge:

  • Old, worn-out and low-quality furniture. Anything constructed of particle board is going to be worn and torn in the move. Perhaps you can donate them or ask a younger family member if they can use.
  • Clothing items. Do a comprehensive closet inventory. Anything stained, ripped, or that doesn’t fit should be left behind.
  • Old make-up and toiletries. Why cart tired make-up and mostly-used hair products to your new abode? Trash them.
  • Can the candles. Many moving companies won’t transport candles. They may melt, break or worse. Try dispensing them to friends.
  • Excessive amounts of toys. Just as you went through your closet, purse the kids’ toys as well. Anything outgrown – donate. Anything broken, throw it away!
  • Garage items. Slim down on lawn-care accessories. Moving to a home with less or no lawn at all? Sell your equipment or donate it!

You’ll want to travel light when moving into your new digs and your current home will show better with less clutter.

Once you’ve had your purging party, call the experts here at American Dream. We’ll have you listed and marketed in no time.

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