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Are you ready to list your home for sale? How do you truly know you are?

The average sellers can take many months or years reserching the value of their home, in addition to looking for their next area or neighborhood to move to.

Real estate transactions can be very difficult to time, and more often than not, are the result of a fairly major life change. Be it a divorce, marriage, job promotion or retirement; or even a death.

Because it can be a very emotional time for the sellers, our American Dream Team put together a few points to know if you’re really ready to let go and sell:

If you’re not absolutely sure, you’re just not ready. If you don’t have a specific plan of where your next move will be, it’s not a good time to put your home on the market. Have a concrete plan before listing your home for sale. If a seller is just “opportunistic” it is likely they will overprice their home. And, an educated buyer will never overpay.

Tick tock, it’s listing O’clock. Just about everything you want to know about anything you can find online these days, especially when it comes to real estate data. If you are overpriced and the property garners no interest, showings or offers, that information will unfortunately follow you. Potential buyers will immeditely see price reductions, how long your home sat on the market, etc.

Real estate is a year-round endevor. Believe it or not, some of the most succesful transactions happen in the cold winter months, when inventory may be low, but some buyers are still actively looking. Remember, have a plan, and we advise you against listing until you’re good and ready.

Understandably, many sellers are attached to their homes emotionally. However, pricing it too high out of the gate, or perhaps not making recommended updates or repairs could ultimately hurt their ability to sell in the long run.

Never list your home in haste, because you could be sabotaging yourself without realizing it at first.

When the time is right, reach out to us here at American Dream Realty, we have the right tools and the right experience and the right brokers and agents to help you achieve the smoothest home sale possible.



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