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XmasPartyWell folks, we’ve made it to the year’s end. In a few short days Christmas will be here, which generally calls for a mass gathering of family and friends to take part in the festivities. If you have been chosen by the family to host the holidays this year, or you’re looking to invite some friends over for the celebrations, we’ve compiled a short list of tips that are sure to make this year’s festive extravaganza even more memorable.

Christmas is generally engraved with family traditions that are so deep, that it would be complete sacrilege to change anything about that night. However, in between the traditional sit-down meal and the present exchange, or vice-versa depending on your family, some ambient music can help to move things around. Get out those speakers, radio, boombox, computer, or whatever you have to let the Christmas tunes flow through the air. Some safe genre suggestions that will fit everyone’s palate are traditional Christmas, jazz Christmas, and modern Christmas. That mix should give the perfect balance of Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, and Mariah Carey, and will appeal to everyone young and old. Use Pandora or Spotify for these Christmas stations, or if you don’t have a smartphone or computer, search the radio waves for that all-Christmas station in your area.

At both Christmas and New Years, it might be fun to mix things up a bit, and throw in a few games to lighten the mood. For example, those fans of Whose Line Is It Anyway can recall how hysterical the skit “Party Quirks” was. All you need is some imagination, and 4 willing (or unwilling) volunteers to create a house full of laughter and joy, and it is appropriate for all ages! If you are unfamiliar with the skit or show, a quick Google search is all you need. Or some Christmas themed games that could be a hit with the kids are Pin The Nose On Rudolph, or to have adults act out “The Night Before Christmas”, complete with animal noises.

These quick additions could be all that it takes to make your holiday this year go from memorable to very memorable. Regardless, your party or gathering will be a hit either way, we know it. From our families to yours, we wish you a very merry Christmas.

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