Curb Appeal: Late Summer Lawn Care

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late summer lawnOut of all the things that makes your home more enticing to a prospective buyer, the appearance of your lawn is one of the biggest. It is the first thing the buyer will see, and has the power to drive him away if it appears unkempt. These past scorching days have really put a toll on the appearance of your lawn, but with a few simple tips, you can get that lawn looking better than ever this late in the summer.

In the summer, it is real important to adjust your mower height so that you leave grass taller. This may seem a little counterproductive (as you cut grass to leave it shorter), but tall grass shades grass around it, which reduces water evaporation . Less water evaporation allows for stronger root systems to grow, and by extension, prevents weed seeds from germinating. Stop and think next time before you move that mower blade all the way to the lowest setting.

Another easy and effortless lawn care tip is to let the grass clippings lie where they are after you finish mowing. By leaving grass clippings, you allow your lawn to undergo a process called “grasscycling”, which is basically the old grass decomposing to benefit the new grass. Clippings provide essential nutrients for your lawn, and will save you time and money on fertilizer in the long run.

Finally, cleaning up after your dog can have a huge impact on the appearance of your lawn. Urine and droppings can leave bald spots if they’re left to bake in the sun, and as a prospective seller, you want your lawn looking absolutely pristine. Pick up droppings as soon as you can, and flush out urine spots with water, which will dilute its acidity. Of course, if you’re not too fond of all of this work, you may want to consider setting up a mulched or pebbled area in the backyard, and train your dog to use that instead.

This late in the summer, you may think that lawn care goes by the wayside, but it is ever important for the prospective seller. A book shouldn’t be judged by its cover—but buyers will— so give yourself a leg up and have your lawn looking great during this booming sales period!

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