Exterior Staging Tips for the Spring Season – from American Dream Realty

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You’ve probably all heard the phrase, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression, but it’s really never Gardeningmore true than in real estate. Competition is fierce these days in the market, so if you currently have a property listed, take to heart the following tips from us that will help you stage your home’s exterior for the spring season so your listing doesn’t just become another “drive by”.

  • Instead of worrying about what you don’t have, highlight what you do have – Do have a colorful and blooming flowerbed? Or perhaps a front door that makes a statement or even the lushest and greenest lawn on the block? But be honest, because when the showings come, false advertising will turn potential buyers off immediately.
  • Get rid of any negative aspects – Just like the interior of your home, buyers don’t like to see anything out of place. If you have pets, make sure to clean up after them, and remove any children’s swing sets or other play toys from the yard. It would be a good idea to call on a someone you know (perhaps the son of a neighbor) to perform a “spring clean-up” to cut back and trim anything that may have become overgrown.
  • Re-Use and Recycle – Before you go and spend a fortune at your local garden shop, take inventory of any items that you may have in your attic or basement that would help you in dressing up your outdoor space a bit – perhaps some colorful pots awaiting some plantings or an old bench that could just use some quick refinishing work. Accent, but don’t overdo it.
  • Finish the space – You want to draw potential buyers in that any outdoor space you do have – no matter how large or small or may be, would be optimal to spend time in for entertaining. An outdoor tables and chairs, a seasonal flag on the front lawn or some colorful flowers in other spaces such as by your mailbox or sidewalk if your own abuts one. Accessorize but again, don’t overdo it. Just enough is…enough.

You want to do just enough to bring the eyes of a buyer in, but not in a negative way. Little touches here and there can make the biggest difference. Happy spring staging!





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