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The papers are signed, the home is yours, and it’s finally time to move—what an exciting time! But alas, before you are able to fully enjoy the comforts of your new home, there is still one more hurdle to jump: moving. For some, moving can be seen as a very daunting and demanding task, but it is only as big as you let it be. There are many ways to make moving much more manageable (even to the inexperienced mover) and this week, we would like to share some of those tips with you,

In all of the craziness and packing that comes with moving, one of the easiest ways to be better prepared for your first night is to pack an overnight bag. Pack in this bag all of the essentials you need for a night (sheets, blankets, pajamas, toiletries, etc) and keep it with you in the car. Chances are very good that once you move all of the boxes inside, you won’t have the energy to unpack them all, so keeping an overnight bag with you can be a lifesaver!

Speaking of unpacking, you can make the process much more efficient if you color code your boxes before putting them in the truck. Buy a few rolls of colored duct tape from the hardware store, and designate each one to a specific room. For example, let yellow tape stand for the kitchen, and put it on all boxes pertaining to the kitchen. That way, you can stack your boxes strategically in the rooms in which they need to go, eliminating extra leg work for you, and providing easy access to items that you may need urgently.

In addition, numbering your boxes will help you keep track of how many you have, and ensure that you are not forgetting anything at your old home.

Finally, if you are moving over several fragile items (such a pianos and antique tables) or if you have a lot of boxes to move, it may be in your best interest to hire a moving company as opposed to doing the job yourself. Most moving companies have insurance, so if they break anything valuable, they will have to compensate you. Just be sure to read the fine print when choosing a mover, as some will not move anything in something other than a cardboard box, and others will not carry oversized items.

Moving day can be a day of great stress, but if you are armed with a little knowledge and a few helpful tips, you can cut all of that stress right down to size. It’s mind over matter, American Dream Realty fans.

Congratulations, and good luck moving into your new home! To get to your own move-in day, give us a call or walk on into our office—we would love to help you get to the home of your dreams.

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