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home inspectionsThe process of buying a home can be extremely strenuous, trying to balance fees, walk-throughs, and a life outside the buying process. Sometimes, it can be so hectic, that certain things are overlooked in order to speed up that closing date. However, one thing that you should not skip, no matter the circumstances, is the home inspection, and we hold this principle with the utmost regard.

Home inspections are conducted by New Jersey licensed home inspectors, who have undergone a rigorous 180-hour training course and pass the National Home Inspector Exam in order to become state certified. These people have a lot of experience in their field, and they do their best to find defects wherever they can. Needless to say, they get paid for looking for the defects in your home, and limiting the surprises you may encounter after the closing.

An important reason for having a home inspection is that sometimes home sellers do not disclose the full truth about the state of their home, or they are unaware about a problem their home may have. Home inspectors debunk both of those hypotheticals, by finding more about the state of the home at the time of inspection. This information is a safety net: It lets you know the truth before locking into a contract, giving you an opportunity to walk away if the home is unsafe, or it may give you more bargaining power at the table if the house will need repairs.

Before moving into your new home, you want to make sure that the integrity of your home is as close to impeccable as you can get. Home inspectors will do just that—they shine the light on things that you may not have even thought about, and it may just save you in the long run.

A good home inspector and a solid team of realtors behind you are equally important in the home-buying process, and we here at American Dream Realty of South Jersey are full proponents of that ideology.

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