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Hunting for a home is an extremely trying task, but thankfully there are resources to make it easier for you.  From websites to search engines, there is something out there to make your experience go better, but there is nothing quite like seeing the house itself at an open house.  However, there are often many questions about the etiquette of open houses, which can be a little complicated at times.  Here are our favorite do’s and don’ts of open houses!

  • DO take a seat

When you’re in the home, nothing will help you get a feel for the house like taking a seat.  So, after walking around the house and grounds, sit down in the living room and see if you could truly picture yourself in that home.  It is a step often overlooked by many, but we can promise that it is absolutely ok to sit down when you need to.

  • DO check closets

Another one that many consider a “don’t” for open houses, but we can assure you that it is totally fine.  You should get to know all of the house that you possibly can, and closets are sure one of them (should you choose to buy the house, you are going to use the closets).  It is not snooping around, but just getting to know the house a little better.

  • DON’T open every drawer you see

This one is not telling you to not open up drawers, but just telling you that you do not need to open every single one.  While you should be opening up drawers in the kitchen—since you will be using them to store your cookware and whatnot—you really do not need to open up drawers on coffee tables, dressers, or chests in the home.  Adhering to this will keep you on the right side of the fine line of snooping around.

  •  DON’T make a mess

More of common sense than anything else, it is still important to keep in mind.  This home that you are entering is not yours, so be sure to treat it like you would your own.  If it is raining, be sure to wipe your feet or leave your shoes at the door, and be certain to close anything that you opened yourself.  A little respect can go a long way.

Open house etiquette can be a little confusing at times, but we strive to give a little clarity in that haze.  For more tips on open houses, or to start your very own house hunting journey, stop into our office today.

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