Protecting Your Home From High Winds

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Some bizarre weather that we’re having, isn’t it? With all this rain and high winds, people everywhere have one thing on their mind: How can I protect my home from any potential damages? Well, the answer to this may be a whole lot simpler than you think, and we have it inside today’s blog!

There is no doubt that devastating weather is the number one cause of home repairs in the nation, however, there does not have to be a state of emergency or even a natural disaster for Mother Nature to wreck havoc on your home—just one bad storm or nor’easter will do it. If there is anything in particular that you need to watch out for, it is high winds, as not only can they tear things off of your home, but can also push other things into it.

Therefore, the first thing you should do when you know that there is an impending storm is to secure all loose items around the yard. Yes, this may seem like common sense, but flying debris can cause a whole lot of home damage—more so than you would think. Be sure to bring in any trash cans, toys, or other loose items. Also, it may pay off to have all trees on your property at a safe distance.

Also, before a storm comes rolling in, do yourself a quick favor and check all of the shingles on your home to make sure that they are secured. When it comes to shingles and high winds, think of them as a stack of dominoes—once one goes down the others are sure to go with it. Keep your shingles secured to your roof to ensure that they will still be there once the storm has passed.

Finally, be sure that your windows and doors are secured. If they are old installations, check to be sure that their bolts are up to standard, and replace if necessary. The cost for replacing one bolt is far less than the cost of repairing an entire window or door, so it pays to be diligent—literally. During the storm, make sure that both of these are locked and held in place, and your home should be a-ok.

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