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home-neutralIn less than a week, America will be making an important decision—one that can influence the country for decades. We understand how passionate some people are about this election, but as a real estate agency, we need to make one point—politics and home sales don’t mix. If you are in the middle of selling your home, or looking to put yours on the market this year, then read on, as we give you advice on selling your house during these rocky political times.

When it comes to selling a home, one thing must be achieved: neutralization. The more neutral your home appears, the better it will resonate with buyers, and the more likely an offer will be made. Let’s face it—this current political climate is anything but neutral, and some folks are letting what divides them to become more important than what unites them. With this being said, it is absolutely in your best interest to remove any political statement from your lawn if you are looking to sell, as the mere presence of one sign can drive away a buyer supporting the other candidate.

Not only that, but what is on the inside of the house can also deter buyers from buying from you. Sure, that ‘84 Reagan/Bush poster looks real neat, but to someone of the other side, it can be a huge turn off. Same goes for the Bernie sign adorning the walls of your teenager’s room. Take it down, and save yourself the stress in the long run.

However, these tactics do not apply to just politics. Anything, from sports to religion, has the potential to drive away a buyer. To have your best chance of selling your home, make an effort to neutralize it, or to mentally move out. Clear out the clutter, take down the personal pictures and heirlooms, and do your best to show your house for exactly what it is: a house. By attaching a personality to the house, you are setting a mold for what the buyer is expecting, which may not always be the best case for them. While a house with a certain personality may drive a certain buyer directly to the negotiation table, it is much better off to appeal to the masses, than just a few idiosyncratic buyers.

It may not be something that you like, but neutralizing your house is by far the best way to sell it. This election is hectic, but don’t let it get in the way of what is truly best for you and your family—getting your house off of the market.

Regardless of where you stand, we encourage all of our family and friends to go out and vote next week to have your voice heard!

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