Springing into Home Check-Ups

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home check upsA home is like a body—it needs to be checked up on from time to time to make sure everything is in order. While you should be going to your check-up every year, you should do routine check-ups on your home at least twice a year; right around when we change the clocks. So, since we’ve pushed the clocks up this weekend, here are a few simple things you should do to make sure your home is well maintained.

When the clocks change, you should check your smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries to make sure that they work. In addition, give each detector a quick test, just to make certain that they are operational. Smoke alarms are your family’s first defense for a fire, so it is paramount that they are in perfect condition.
Make sure to check the caulking around bathtubs, sinks, and toilets. A simple glance over is all you need, and if anything looks a little light, you can fix it yourself in just a few minutes.

Vacuum your refrigerator coils. You may be doing this in your spring cleaning, but vacuuming your refrigerator coils will cut down on the energy it needs to run. With this machine eating up to 15% of the total electricity in your home, every little bit can help save you money. While you’re at it, change the filter in your refrigerator too, as these only last for about 6 months.

Inspect your basement and attic for anything out of the ordinary. If you don’t use your attic and basement too often, be sure to take a glance around for leaks, damaged framing, sparse insulation, or pests. Fix the simple issues if you can, but for something like a roof leak or a pest infestation, it may be best to hire a professional.

Simple upkeep can have your home running like a well-oiled machine, and the best part is that this maintenance only has to be done when the clocks change. So, take a few minutes today to knock these simple chores out—your home (and wallet) will thank you later.

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