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summer sellingIn the summer, everything seems to get better—the days, the nights, the fun times, and the housing market. Last week, we shared with you a market update, and how this coming summer could be one of the best seasons for selling that we have seen in awhile. So, to keep those sales rolling, we thought we would share with you some of our time-tested listing tips for summer, and how you can really make your home stand out among all others.

One of the first things that you are going to want to do is to take care of is your lawn, as it has the ability to rope in potential buyers from first-glance. A strong, well-kept lawn gives off signals of a well-kept and orderly home, which will resonate well with buyers. However, don’t stop at your lawn, throw some flowers near your door or backyard! The color of the flowers should contrast that of the grass, creating an image that a buyer can’t turn away from. If you do not have flowers planted already, we recommend getting a few white ones—even if they are potted—and sticking them right by your door. The white contrast on the green creates a sophisticated look, making your home appear all the better.

The warmer months has more and more people spending time outside, so make sure you showcase that with your home. If you have an outdoor room, like a sunroom, patio, or balcony, make sure that furniture is out there and it looks presentable. Push the inside to the outside, and watch how many buyers push their way into your hand.

This one goes without saying, but be sure to make any necessary repairs and to remove clutter inside. The former will limit all possible distractions and hesitations on a buyer, while the latter will help the prospective buyer see how clean your home can really be. Clutter can kill deals, so it’s best just to get rid of it. Less is more.

Finally, keeping your house cool can go a long way with a group of buyers. We mean this in both figuratively and literally. By keeping your home literally cool (like a few degrees below average), you will provide those who walk through your home an oasis of fresh, cold air to save them from the sweltering summer heat. Figuratively, if you play a cool host and provide your guests with some cold ice water or lemonade, they will certainly remember it. Both will keep your guests inside, where they’re more likely to form an emotional attachment with your home! It is the little things that sell a home.

With the volume of home sales in June averaging 29% higher than the national average, you are going to want to jump on the selling train this summer. Equipped with these listing tips, you’ll better be able to brave the market this summer, and come out on top. To set up your listing, give us a call today!

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