Tips from American Dream Realty to Keep Your Home Attractive During the Holidays

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The days and months between Thanksgiving and New Years Day have historically been slow for the real holiday sellingestate market. However, by following a few of these tips from us here at American Dream Realty, you’ll be able to keep your property top-of-mind with potential homebuyers throughout the holiday season.

  1. Decorate, but perhaps not to the level of Clark Griswold. The fictional movie character had a penchant for decorations – as many of them as possible. However, in this situation, tasteful, well-placed holiday decor can attract buyers to your home. Overdoing the festivities with too many, perhaps too large adornments may distract buyers or even turn them away. In this case, less very well may be more.
  2. Make sure you hire a real estate agent that won’t take the holidays off. Because this time of year may be slower than others, you’ll want an agent who is going to go above and beyond. Our agents at American Dream Realty won’t disappear during the season. It doesn’t matter what the calendar says, we are here for you and will work diligently to get your home sold.
  3. Price your home to sell. People out house hunting during the holidays are serious and more than any other time of the year, want to know they’re getting a good deal. If you need to sell your home during the holidays, make your first number the one to beat before putting it on the market.
  4. Really focus on that curb appeal. We’re not just talking about decorations here. Keep the exterior of your home maintained throughout the holidays. Make sure your yard is free of ice, snow and leaves. Pay attention to cleaning out the gutters and perhaps touch up the paint a little. Because trees are bare during the winter, they expose minor cosmetic issues. A little touch up could go a long way.
  5. Make a virtual tour video. Work with your American Dream Realty agent to produce and post a video tour of your property. Because you will probably be getting a little less foot traffic this time of the year, you’ll be able to attract homebuyers who may not have the time to literally tour your home right now through a virtual tour.
  6. Make your home warm. We are not just talking about the heat, here. If you know a showing is going to happen, turn on some holiday music, perhaps put out some snacks, make sure the temperature won’t freeze them out. Make your home inviting so they’ll want to spend more time.

These and more tips from your American Dream Realtor should help your home stand out during the holidays. Considering putting your property of the market now, call us today!





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