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As you may know, June and July are First-Time-Home-Buyer-Loansprime home shopping season, and, if you add children to the mix – some of the experience come be accompanied by a lot of stress and even some tears during the hunt for houses as as well as the subsequent move.

If there was a way to lessen the stress with kids in tow – wouldn’t you take that opportunity? Therefore, we here at American Dream Realty put together a few tips to use to lighten the entire family’s emotional load when it comes time to buy a new home:

  • Know the difference between a compromise and a dealbreaker – If you’re uprooting the family, make sure you’re mindful that while you won’t overextend your budget, you certainly will be mindful not to negatively impact your brood’s overall happiness in a new place.
  • Involve the kids in the process – Did you know that as much as 86-percent of real estate professionals said they’ve had to cut a home showing short because of an issue with a child? We’re not recommending you traipse your young ones through every home showing. But, bring them along when you’re down to your final choices so they feel included in the decision.
  • ┬áStudy the neighborhood – Research the neighborhood to see if there’s more children the same age as your kids. Because they will most likely be upset they will be leaving their old friends, they may take the below softer if they’ll have an opportunity to make new ones.
  • Research schooling – Being proactive in this area will save you stress in the long run. Better to have your kids’ education options mapped out before the move than doing it at the last minute.
  • Give your family space and time – It can sometimes take up to a year to be comfortable in a new home environment. Therefore, let your kids come to it in their own time. Everyone will be happier for it.

Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do in life. We hope these tips make it easier on you.

When you’re ready, our agents are available to help you with your home search.


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