Top Home Buying Deterrents from American Dream Realty

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In this tricky market we’re currently experiencing, the slightest detail can leave potential home buyers report-card-poor1(literally) running away from your front door. Prior to your first showing, we encourage you to have these issues and taken care of so that your home shows in the best possible light:

  • Odors of any kind. Anything from cigarette smoke to pet odors to mildew. If the first impression potential buyers get when they walk in the front door is that something smells awry, your chances for them to make an offer will go down drastically.
  • Pets to greet them. In some cases dogs aren’t man’s (or woman’s) best friend. Fear, allergies, etc. Please try to keep pets out of the home during showings.
  • Dirty Bathrooms. Restrooms are a key feature in selling a home, so make sure yours shine and don’t leave a grimy impression.
  • Poorly lit rooms. Potential home buyers love when a room has a lot of natural light, but they may not notice it through the heavy curtains or dirty windows. Clean windows inside and out to let me light shine in!
  • Wallpaper with crazy patterns. Even for those that love wallpaper, a busy pattern is most like to turn a buyer off.
  • Dampness in the basement. This will cause an immediate red flags that there is a potential for leaks in your foundation.
  • Poor curb appeal. As the old adage goes – you have to spend money to make money. This is also true for real estate. We encourage you to spend a little extra to spruce up the yard – it will go a long way.
  • A seller who refuses to leave during a showing. Buyers will feel pressured and awkward. They need space to get a thorough read on what your home has to offer. Leave.

With so many factors, you won’t want to leave to chance any “wildcards” when it comes to showing your home. Take the time and the care and we assure you it will pay off.





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