Holiday Home Decorating: Do’s and Don’ts

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holiday-decorAh, the first day of December is finally here! What an exciting time of the year, with family, friends, and good will all abundant in every neighborhood. Holiday cheer brings holiday joy, and nothing quite says holiday joy than holiday decorations. So, we’ve complied a few suggestions on the do’s and don’ts of holiday decorating, so your house will be the best on the block this year.

DO check any and all light strands you plan to use for cracks, broken bulbs, or frayed wiring. This is a real simple check, and can prevent devastating house fires. If a bulb is cracked or broken, replace it before you put it up on your house. However, is the wiring is frayed, you’re better off to just purchase a new strand of lights; it’ll save you the hassle.

DO plug all outdoor lights into a GFCI outlet. This will help prevent short-circuits that can lead to house fires.

DON’T leave your lights on all night. When you head up to bed, you should also turn out your lights. Leaving them on all throughout the night can be a danger to both your home and the environment. Save yourself the trouble and just turn them off.

DON’T limit yourself to traditional holiday colors. Red, green, and white can get a bit boring, especially if the other houses around are sticking to the traditional pallet. Feel free to mix things up and let the artist in you come alive! Really make your house stand out!

DON’T go overboard. We’ve all seen National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Keep it simple. Don’t be Clark Griswold.

DON’T expect perfection. The truth of the matter is, no matter how hard you try, things won’t work out exactly as you want them to be, even around the holidays. Instead of fretting about how that one stand is six inches lower than you wanted, remember what the holiday season is all about: spending time with family. Besides, as long as your family loves the job you did, isn’t that perfection in itself?

And there you have it, our tips for holiday decorating this year. Stick to these, and with a little creative genius, you’re sure to have the best house on the block! Now, get cracking on those decorations, for December is finally here!

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