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Calling all the Clark Griswolds and Ralphies out there—the holiday season is back once more! We know that many of you may be eager to decorate your home head to toe with holiday cheer (and we bet many of you have already done so), but we here at American Dream Realty want to make sure that you’re doing it in a safe and controlled manner. So, please keep on reading, as we give you some of our favorite tips for hanging up Christmas lights!

When it comes to putting up lights, nothing really comes before safety. We’re sure that by now you have heard by now that it’s never a good idea to overload outlets with lights and extension cords, and there is a great degree of truth to it. There is a reason why December and January have the highest rate of electrical fires, as most of them are caused by overloaded sockets. Always remember that only one strand of lights should go into a socket, and for the best type of protection you should use a power strip (with a circuit breaker) as a middleman between the lights and the outlet. If you are using extension cords, make sure that they are rated “outdoors” so they can withstand a typical South Jersey winter.

In addition, when up on the ladder, use common sense. However, this is easier said than done, as many of us will try to reach for something that is outside our easy grasp, but that is one of the leading causes of accidents up on ladders. You should make use of a tool belt or an apron so all the tools you need to access while on the ladder can be accessed easily, and are not buried into the pocket of your jeans. Finally, ensure that your ladder is stable, and you have a spotter holding it at all times.

Then there comes the infamous question: How much is too much? To put it bluntly, you want to aim for something far less than Clark Griswold’s spectacular display, but you do want to put some effort into it in case a potential buyer may be coming by. Remember, the biggest thing a buyer wants to see is to see themselves in the house, so make sure it looks presentable and inclusive for a family. For the best results, opt for white lights on the roof, and some small decorations on the front lawn. However, if you are serious about selling your home before the new year, our advice is to go light on those large inflatable lawn decorations. The golden rule when it comes to holiday decorating is that less is more.

However, make sure that you don’t miss the classics! A wreath on the front door and some poinsettias on your porch will go a long way in making sure that a buyer’s glance is focused on your home. The best part? All of this can be done in one afternoon.

This time of year is especially great, as it can bring out the best in many people. So, why not let it bring out the best in your home? Stick to these tips, and you’ll be good to ring in the season with cheer!

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