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Football is back, apple cider donuts are here, and Halloween is right around the corner—it’s a lovely autumn here in the Garden State. It’s undoubtedly beautiful with the leaves turning and falling around, but a potential buyer may glance over your house if the lawn is littered with leaves. So, to prevent that from happening, we have a few tips that you can take advantage of to keep your lawn clear in the season, without having to hire a service to do it for you!

When it comes to leaves, it’s evident that you have but two solutions—rake them up, or blow them away. Now, while both of those are viable, there is a third way that many people do not talk about, and it’s actually easier than either of the aforementioned two: mulching.

Mulching your leaves instead of raking them or blowing them is the most cost-effective way to deal with all the leaves in your yard, and it doesn’t even require much energy on your part. Simply get your hands on a mulching mower (or a regular lawn mower that cuts super thin) and run over your leaves with them. While this may sound a little counter intuitive from the other options, the chopped up leaves will degrade into the soil, meaning that it is literally priming the grass to come up strong and gorgeous in the spring. In addition, you can transfer the mulched leaves to your flower bed, and watch as your newcomers sprout with a huge advantage over your other, non-mulched flowers.

If you rather not mulch your leaves or if you just prefer your lawn to be free of all debris, then another cost-effective way is to mow them with a bag. Same principle—run over them with the mower—but instead they will be collected in a bag for easy disposal. Arguably, this method is easier than the previous, since any ol’ lawnmower will do—no need to go out and get a specific one. Should you still want to compost the leaves, just dump the bag of leaf clippings wherever you want them to go. Easy as that!

In the world of technology and innovation, there is no reason to do things the hard way. If you take the time to read up on some really cool and helpful tips, you can find out that the time and energy you save is well worth the investment.

For more easy homeowner tips and all other things pertaining to real estate, be sure to check back to our blog regularly!

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