How to make the move smooth for your pets, too – tips from American Dream Realty

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As realtors, we know and understand that finding and moving into a new home with your family can be one of the moving with petsmost stressful things you ever do in your life. But what about your pet(s)? In the middle of all of the packing, chaos and vehicle runs, they can also be harboring a lot of stress as well.

Therefore, our American Dream Team put together a few tips on making the move smoother for your pets, too:

  • Choosing your new home with your pet in mind: Scope out the neighborhood and look for sidewalks, grassy areas or even dog parks that your pet will also enjoy. Also be sure to pay attention to any neighbors with aggressively behaving dogs that may give your pets anxiety. Additionally, with cats in mind – make sure there is enough vertical space in the home. When it comes to dogs – a sizable outdoor area is prime.
  • The packing process: Inherently, cats aren’t huge fans of change. But you can help your felines and more sensitive dogs too, by bringing in boxes earlier in the process to allow them to adjust to them. On your actual moving day, it may be best to keep your pets at a friend’s or family members’s home so they’re not in the middle of the chaos. Or, worse, get scared and make a beeline out of the house.
  • Giving them space to settle into new home: While┬áit may be your first instinct to allow them to roam free in your new home once you arrive, it can be very overwhelming for your pets. Instead, have them adjust to one room at a time – and include their favorite toys, treats, food, cat litter and water bowls. When you feel they’re comfortable, you can then introduce them to other areas of the home as well.

Taking these steps will ensure an easier transition for not only your human family, but the furry members of your brood as well.



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