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We’re in it folks. We’re right smack dab in the thick of it. But what is “it”, you may ask?

The sizzling summer housing season! Yes, that’s right.summer-housing-trends-300x288

But what shape has it taken this year? Is it a buyers’ market, or a sellers’ one? And what’s in store depending on the side of the real estate aisle you may be on?

So many questions. Therefore, our American Dream Team put together a few answers according to this season’s trends:

  • If you’re on the house hunt, you will have some competition from other buyers. According to, home inventory is shortening and there will be less homes for sale this season. Year over year, listings have decreased by slightly more than 10%. Therefore, if you’re a buyer, have all of your ducks in a row before you head out shopping in order to present the strongest case for the seller to select your offer. Our American Dream agents can assist you with whatever you need here.
  • Be prepared to hear slightly higher mortgage rates as well. Numbers crunched by the Mortgage Bankers Association predict that the 30-year fixed rate could reach as high as 4.6 percent by the end of this year. Therefore, if you’re serious about getting in the mix, we recommend not waiting.
  • If you’re on the selling end, time is running out to list your home and snag a buyer before summer’s end. We’re already in the third week of June, everyone. The buying is hot NOW through mid-August before sellers and their families begin turning their focus back-to-school and post-vacation work schedules again. List with us. Time is ticking.
  • A (good) image sells a thousand homes! Everyone (well, mostly everyone) is mobile these days, and that means they’re home shopping from their minute mobile devices, too. In light of this ever-increasing trend, if you’re selling your home, make sure it absolutely lights up the screen for potential buyers. Test screen sizes on different phone and tablets and use social media! Crisp, bright image exposure on the interwebs will only serve your purpose better.

Whether you’re just getting into the home purchasing or listing process, there is action to be taken, and quickly. The summer season is going to continue to fly right by us, folks. Get in the game while the getting’s good…and, hot!

Our American Dream Team is at the ready to lead you through. Buying, selling, or renting. Call us.





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