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These blazing hot temperatures we are experiencing right now can really take a toll on you, and keeping your house at a livable temperature with your trusty air conditioner can sometimes put a dent in your bank account. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Join us today, as we go over some tips for driving down your air conditioning costs, all while staying cool from the heat!

Fluctuate Temperatures
One simple way that can save you an average of 10% on your air conditioning bill is to switch between temperatures when you’re home, and when you’re not. Let’s say you like your home to be at a comfortable 68 degrees—well, when you head out for the day, crank it up to 78 degrees. No one will be home, so why do you need to cool an empty space? Not only that, but with the help of several apps and computer programs that can control your thermostat from afar, you can change the temperature while at work—just be sure to set the temperature to “cool” before you make your evening commute.

Fans, Fans, Fans!
It may seem like a simple idea, but as great way you can cool down your home without driving up the electric bill is to use fans. Place them all around the home, especially in places where you will be staying for awhile, and bask in their glorious cooling power! By feeling cool in the immediate area, you can afford to raise the temperature on the thermostat a little bit, which translates into savings.

When Humid, Switch to “Low”
Living in New Jersey, there is a guarantee that you are used to really humid summers by now. Yes, it’s something that makes our state unique, but it can also drive into your cooling costs. On days that scream with humidity, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends to lower your fan setting to “low,” as it will pull more humidity out of the air, keeping you cool in the process.

Replace Your Filters
Give your air conditioner a little love: replace its filters as soon as you can for the season, if you have not done so already. This simple $20 investment can mean big savings in the long run, as your air conditioner does not have to work as hard to keep you cool.
There is no magic “one-change-will-save-me-big-money-on-air-conditioning” answer we can give you, but we can promise that if you implement a few of these, it will mean big money in the long run.

Stay cool out there!

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