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So you finally closed on that home you’ve after all this time, and now the real fun begins—moving.  At first, it may seem like a daunting task, but once you break it down, you’ll see just how easy it can be.  Join us today as we go over some life-saving tips for when you make the move!

When it comes to moving, you can really save the most time and energy when it comes to packing.  How you pack will determine how you fast you unpack, and the stress level.  For example, be sure to pack your heavier items in smaller boxes, and your lighter items in larger boxes.  In addition, use color coding to your advantage—either take a highlighter or marker and mark each box with a specific color to correspond with the items inside.  Blue for kitchen items, yellow for bathroom, green for the bedroom, etc.  That way, once you open up the truck, you will know immediately what box needs to go where, and how much you can carry in one trip.

As far as boxes go, there’s no need to buy a plethora when you can easily recycle boxes that are all around you!  Dig through the garage and attic to see if you have any original boxes for your electronics, and swing by your local liquor store, as they will often have empty boxes available to take for free.  With this method, you can save some big bucks on boxes.

Moving is by no means a single day process—it’ll take you a few days to get everything into place.  However, there’s no need to go digging into your boxes to figure out the necessities you need for the next day, like blankets, towels, clothes, toiletries, etc.  We always recommend to new homebuyers to pack a “day pack” and have it be one of the first things you unload.  Put in here everything you will possibly need for a day or two, so that once you are done for the day, there’s no need to go rummaging for your toothbrush.

When choosing a moving company to assist your move, it is important that you thoroughly vet them through before giving them the job.  While your American Dream Realty agent will have some great suggestions, it is still important that you confirm that they are a licensed business with the state and that they have some sort of insurance.  So long as you have those 3 things (great recommendation, license number, and insurance) you should be good to go.

Moving can seem extremely challenging and daunting, but once you get the gears rolling, it’s nothing that you can’t handle.  Talk to your American Dream Realty of South Jersey agent today to get more tips on making the move go smooth!

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