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The constant sunshine, bird songs, and beach days all tell us that summer is in its full-fledged form, and we couldn’t be happier.  However, now is the time to give your curb appeal a touch-up, to entice potential buyers to come on in for a cool break during a blazing hot day.  We invite you to join us today, as we go over some tips to really make your summer listing pop!

Clear It Out

There’s “spring cleaning” for inside your home, but what about a cleaning for the exterior?  Summer makes the perfect time to do this, as all the plants, shrubs, bushes, and trees that have died during the previous two seasons will become noticeable—both to you and potential buyers.  Clean out as much of this as you can one weekend, and replant if necessary.  It may seem like a sizable investment for your time at first, but you will notice the returns will far exceed that of what you put in—for both your own satisfaction and all the buyers that it will attract.

Mulch It Up

Not only is mulch great for your plants, but it also gives a fresh look to your home, catching eyes of those who would just be passerbys.  Now, the great thing about doing this is that you can suppress weeds at the same time, cutting the work you have to do on your yard into half.  Like clearing out the brush, it may seem like a daunting task, but it will easily repay you in the long run.

Keep Up and Maintain

When it comes to curb appeal, nothing speaks more than constant maintenance and an attention to detail, especially in these hot months.  No, we aren’t saying that a potential buyer will turn you down because a flower in the back of your garden wasn’t properly pruned, but one will certainly notice an untrimmed and unkempt lawn.  We don’t need to tell you that perception is everything, and it may be hard for some buyers to put that image of an unruly lawn out of their head.  Don’t give them the chance, and make sure that you are cutting your grass at least once a week, and watering regularly.

A great landscape attract many eyes, and consequently, a gaze over the “For Sale” sign.  If you are serious about selling your home this summer, then block out one weekend, throw on those gloves, and get to work!  

Should you need anymore advice about making your summer listing pop, do not hesitate to reach out to your American Dream Realty agent, as they would be more than happy to assist!

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