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Family-in-front-of-new-homeWhile our client base in Salem and Gloucester counties are inherently diverse, one of the most popular types of clients we have are new families. Generally speaking, these are a recently married couple, looking to settle down and enjoy life together, with the thought of starting a family in the foreseeable future. So, in a homage to those new families looking to settle down, we’ve compiled a short list of things to keep in mind when choosing a home for a family.

One of the biggest factors that new families should consider is the size and practicality of the home. New couples looking to start a family should take note of how many spare rooms the house has, and we’re not just talking about bedrooms. Having extra rooms affords you the flexibility of crafting the home to your need, like putting a playroom for your kids to play in. Also, if you’re considering buying a home for the long haul, be mindful that one day those children will become teenagers, so having a predesignated room for them to hang out in would be to your benefit. Consider an finished/unfinished basement or a loft, as these are perfect spots.

Another factor that should play into the decision of a family home is location. It’s the Golden Rule of real estate (location, location, location), but when dealing with a family, this hold truer than ever. Opting to move to a town with great schools could single-handedly be the best decision you can make for your kids. Not only that, but moving to an area with a lot of recreational activities to do, such as parks and trails, can be of a real benefit to a new family. Make sure you do your research before you do anything else!

Finally, a new family must consider their gut when choosing a new home. When you walk into a home, pay attention to your gut, and see if you get the “this-feels-like-home” feeling once you walk in the door. If you walk around the house, and get a feeling like you can make it yours, then go with it. As weird as it may sound, your gut can tell you more than your brain can, especially when it comes to big decisions like buying a home.

Starting a new family in a new home can seem a little daunting, but with the right knowledge, and the right resources at your disposal, you can make the process go so much easier. If you’re ready to find that perfect family home, or still curious about a few points, feel free to give us a call at any time—we would love to talk to you and get the ball rolling!

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