Spring Landscaping Tips

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5-10-16Warm weather and sunny days make for the perfect conditions to do work on your home, as every home needs touch up from time to time.  With the absence of that dreaded frost, spring is a perfect time to improve upon your landscaping, and to add a new flair to your home.  So, in order to help prepare you for the spring landscaping season, we have provided a few tips for you that are sure to make your home (and potential listing) pop out from the rest.

Before you do anything to your home, it pays to do your research, even if it’s landscaping.  Do your homework and check to see what kind of pests are in the immediate area, and how your landscaping changes may affect those pests.  For example, our region of the state is plagued by Japanese beetles and termites, which can have an increased presence when you plant certain types of plants or lay down mulch right next to your home.  When you look into what you are doing before you do it, you are able to foresee potential problems, and prevent them before they are even a threat.

After you do your research, make sure you plan everything out on paper.  By planning things out, you will know if the task at hand requires the help of a landscaper, or if you can do it yourself, and you’ll be able to get a realistic picture on the cost.  In addition, when planning, you are going to want to plan for growth and maintenance as well, especially if you are considering to sell.  Planting exquisite plants that require some work will look beautiful under your green thumb, but may not go well with the new buyer.  Our advice is that if you know you are planning to sell, opt for low-maintenance plants that will still look good with your home.

Finally, when landscaping in the spring, you want to take into consideration the style of your home, and plant those plants at opportune times.  What we mean by this is to keep the plants consistent with the aesthetic of your home—a palm tree is going to look out of place in a Pine Barrens home.  However, once you have the plants that will go perfect with your home, make sure you plant them at the best time so that they can flourish, and give a whole new life to your yard.

Spring landscaping may take a little effort, but the fruits of your labor will be well worth it.  You house will undoubtedly stand out, and if you plan to sell, a well-landscaped house is always one in demand.  To set up your listing after your landscaping adventures, feel free to give us a call or come on in—we would love to have a chat with you!

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