Saving Energy This Winter

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The first snow has fallen over the great Garden State, and brings with it the assurance that we are in winter once again. Times out in the snow or in the home cuddled up with hot chocolate us upon us once again, but it does not mean that it is time to rack up the energy bill. Join us today as we cover some simple tips to help reduce your energy consumption this winter!

We all know that while your heater does magic to help warm the house up, it can come at a great expense of energy. One simple way you can help warm up your house while turning down the heater is to make use of ceiling fans. By setting the fan direction in a counterclockwise motion, you will be able to help direct warm air towards the floor, and consequently, you, while being able to save on the energy your heater would have to use. Even by turning down your heater a few degrees and then using this simple tip can add up to hundreds saved in heating costs this season.

Not only that, but making a small investment into a humidifier can add up to big savings on your heating bill. One of the biggest complaints about the cold weather is that it brings dry air. In our region, we are used to very moist summers, so by adding in a humidifier, you can make the air in your home much more moist, meaning that it will be much more comfortable to sit in at a lower heating setting. Or, if your have a green thumb, you can spruce up your home with various house plants, as they will all add moisture to the air. Every degree counts when it comes to heating costs, so be sure to try your best to keep it at a minimum.

Our final tip for reducing energy consumption this winter is to lower the thermostat whenever you climb into bed. Let’s face it: there is nothing better in these cold months than snuggling up with some warm sheets as you slowly drift to sleep. By lowering your thermostat by 10 degrees before you go to bed, you can not only exacerbate that feeling of comfort, but also save up to 10% on heating costs this season. Funny to think how such a little change and make a huge difference.

It may be cold outside this season, but it doesn’t mean that you have to be at the mercy of the heating bill. Do yourself (and the environment) a favor this winter and help to reduce your energy costs!
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