Springly Sprung: Spring Selling Tips

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April showers bring May flowers, and April has not been short of rain since it started. The rain may be getting you down, and you may start to think that you’ll never be able to sell your home with all of this bad weather. Despite what you may think, even in the weather-volatile month of April, there are still plenty of ways to sell your home. Join us this week, as we go over some spring selling tips that will work even in an April monsoon.spring tips

Pay Attention to the Yard. With the rainy weather of spring, it may be hard to find time to take care of the yard and make it presentable. However, at the very least, you should make an effort to rake up any leaves on the lawn, and make sure the lawn is properly mowed. If you have the time and resources, a diagonally-mowed lawn will work wonders in the spring, as it not only makes your lawn appear bigger, but it also gives the impression that you pay attention to detail. A front lawn is the first impression of a home that potential buyers are going to get, so it is a worthwhile investment to make sure that that impression sticks.

Use Spring Colors Inside. While we do not advocating painting your entire house a pastel spring color, simple accents around the home will do wonders to make it seem more inviting, and more in line with the season. Swap out those dark accent blankets and curtains for something more springly, like a yellow or pale blue. Use seasonal towels wherever you can, especially in the bathroom, to make your home seem more inviting.

Let Loose the Spring Aroma. It is often said that the sense of smell creates long lasting memories, even more vivid ones than your sense of vision. So, do yourself a favor and appeal to your buyer’s sense of smell by using light spring scents. Maybe a candle or two in different rooms, or one of those motion-activated air fresheners, or better yet, a fresh bouquet of flowers. All three can provide pleasant spring scents, but the flowers have the extra value of being an item of decor to make your home even more appealing. Whatever you do though, do not over do it!

See, even in the rainy month of April you still have a chance to sell your home, and these spring selling tips will further increase those odds. Even though they may seem corny and cliche, they are time proven methods that will get people to remember your home, even after they leave the open house. If you still need a few more tips, feel free to give us a call—one of our experienced agents will help you faster than a bee in a spring meadow.

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