To Build or Buy?

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buy or buildBeing able to be your own boss is pretty sweet, isn’t it? You determine what gets done when, but you also have a higher responsibility for yourself. When you choose to build your own home, it is much like that—you have options, but there is more pressure on yourself from coordinating contractors to fine-tuning every aspect of your new castle. Since this is an often contested topic in real estate, we’ve decided to give you some of the pros and cons to building your own home.

First and foremost, one of the costs of building your own home is time. The building process can take months on end, from buying a plot of land to actually finishing construction, and thus can put a drain on your bank account throughout the process. If you opt to just buy a home, however, you can move in as fast as the week after closing in most cases.

Another cost of building your own home as opposed to buying one is the state of your sanity. Let’s face it: Creating anything can be extremely stressful, and a home is no exception to that rule. If you are the type of person who gets stressed out easily, is impatient, or is an absolute perfectionist, then building your own home may not be in your best interest, as it is a very long and very daunting task.

Now, aside from the obvious, building your own home can come with great benefits too. For example, a newer home will be more up to date with the current housing standards, and can be equipped with newer appliances, making it much more energy efficient. Not only that, but as a whole, you can expect a lot less maintenance from a home your recently built as opposed to one that has been standing for the past 30 years. Finally, building your own home makes it yours—you get the final say of what goes into it, and you can tailor it to your exact tastes. Creating something of your own is an awesome feeling, especially when it can stand over 20 feet tall.

At the end of it, there is no clear cut formula on whether you should buy or build, it truly comes out to the type of person you are. If you are ambitious enough to put in the work, time, and effort into it, then building your home may be right for you. However, as far as ease of effort goes, buying a home takes the cake. Either way, whether you are looking to buy a home or buy a plot of land for your future home, stop on in and have a quick talk with us. We’ll help set you in the direction that you need to go!

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